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Our Fulfilment Centre

If you need an effective and reliable solution to ecommerce order fulfilment, UK Fulfilment's Midlands-based fulfilment centre can help. We can help you to grow and streamline the online retail arm of your business. For small independent companies as well as household name brands, UK Fulfilment is the ideal solution.

What is A Fulfilment Centre?

For online retailers, working with a fulfilment centre can really help your business to grow. Fulfilment centres, otherwise known as fulfilment houses, are distribution centres that work with online businesses to fulfil and ship your orders to customers. At our fulfillment centre, we store and manage your stock, as well as ship your orders, with maximum efficiency.


The UK Fulfilment fulfilment centre is located in Nottingham, centrally located within the UK and just minutes away from the M1 motorway. We’re leaders in the field and have worked with a vast range of e-commerce brands, including household names like Elizabeth Arden, Revlon, and Honda. Our services are ideal for a variety of different industries, including online retailers, merchandise sales for public figures, and a wide range of other e-commerce businesses. Regardless of the size and scale of your business, if you’re shipping at least five orders a day, you could benefit from our services.

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Choosing UK Fulfilment For Your Order Fulfilment Needs

There are multiple advantages to outsourcing your fulfilment to UK Fulfilment. Choosing us means you benefit from our extensive experience, spanning over 30 years in the sector. We’ve worked across a vast range of industries and types of businesses, meaning we have detailed knowledge and understanding of order fulfillment and the demands of online retailers. We also use innovative technology and fulfillment centre software to assist with processing and shipping orders, helping to create a streamlined and reliable process with fast order processing, pay as you go prices, multiple carrier options and 24/7 access to your order and stock information.


Outsourcing to a fulfilment house means you have more time to focus on developing your business and increasing sales. Working with us means you no longer need to spend time picking and packing orders in-house. Plus, you’ll be able to reduce your shipping costs thanks to our bulk delivery discounts. You’ll also reduce how much you spend on stock storage.

Our Services 

We offer various services to make your online retail operation run smoothly. Our flexible order fulfillment service provides a global platform for fulfilling and distributing your orders to customers or wholesale to retailers. We also handle returns with our ecommerce returns management service, always following your guidelines to provide a returns experience that works for your business and customers.


As part of our fulfilment service, we offer reliable pick and pack services, packaging orders to your specifications to ensure they safely reach their destination and remain on-brand. Our experienced picking team has an accuracy rate of over 99%, and with real-time reporting, you can check the status of your orders at any time.


You can always feel confident with our warehouse management system, with ample security to protect your stock. We also have an internal high-security area for goods of a higher value and can provide insurance.


In addition, UK Fulfilment offers a re-working and contract packaging service for goods that arrive at our order fulfilment centre directly from the manufacturer, as well as a service assembling monthly subscription boxes using individual products. We take a flexible approach and will rebrand or re-package your items in the way you need us to.

Reach Customers Domestically & Internationally 

Situated close to the M1 and East Midlands Airport, our fulfilment centre is ideally placed for national distribution. We partner with a large number of different parcel carriers, from low-cost domestic postal services to express and international shipping. Our effective ecommerce shipping solutions make it easier for you to reach your customers wherever they are located.

Using our fulfillment centre lets you reach a much wider customer base with reliable and affordable shipping services. We make the cost of shipping lower, giving you the opportunity to expand your business further.

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StoreFeeder Fulfilment Software

We use StoreFeeder, a leading e-commerce fulfilment software, to streamline the fulfilment process. With StoreFeeder, it’s simple to access your inventory and view order and shipping details at any time. If you sell via multiple online platforms, StoreFeeder can integrate each sales channel to provide a thorough overview in one place.

The software can also be used to easily track your deliveries and returns, giving you a complete up-to-date view of your stock and orders. Another great advantage of StoreFeeder is that you’ll receive low stock notifications so you can quickly take action.

Get In Touch Today

We’re the fulfilment centre UK businesses rely on, so enquire now to obtain a quote and find out how we can work with you. Complete our online form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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