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We can provide other types of packaging, so please contact us if you need prices for other packaging options

Transit Bags


Small (165 x 230mm)

£0.09 each

Medium (225 x 315mm)

£0.15 each

Large (330 x 480mm)

£0.25 each

XL (710 x 580mm)

£0.48 each

Padded Envelopes

s-l300 (1).jpg

Size B (120 x 215mm)

£0.16 each

Size D (180 x 265mm)

£0.20 each

Size H (220 x 340mm)

£0.29 each

Transit Boxes

Single Wall 

(305 x 230 x 52mm)

£0.29 each


Single Wall 

(305 x 230 x 152mm)

£0.39 each


Double Wall

(305 x 230 x 52mm)

£0.59 each

Double Wall 

(305 x 230 x 152mm)

£0.79 each

C4 Book Wrap

£0.55 each

C5 Book Wrap

£0.42 each

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