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Picking and Packing Services

What are Picking and Packing Services in a Fulfilment Warehouse?

Picking and packing is one of the main steps in the order fulfilment process. Once your customer places an order, UK Fulfilment instantly receive it, a picking/consignment note is produced then the product or products are picked from their storage location in our warehouse. After being picked and packed into a transit outer your customer’s order is ready to be packed to be ready to ship to the customer.


No matter what product your business sells, pick and pack companies can make your shipping process run smoother and much more efficiently. The accuracy and speed of the picking and packing process is crucial to the customer’s experience. That’s why we pride ourselves on our extremely high pick and pack rates and always strive for 100% accuracy and speed, to leave your customers satisfied. We know orders arriving late or containing the wrong product can affect your customers view of your business that’s why we treat your customer as our own.

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Why choose UK Fulfilment as your Pick and Pack Fulfilment Partner?

With over 30 years of experience, we have perfected our picking and packing services over time. We pride ourselves on our picking and packing accuracy rate, which we have made as efficient as possible and offer scanning services if your products are barcoded, to further ensure that there are no errors.



We have a very experienced and long-lasting team who are all seasoned in the picking and packing process to ensure efficiency.


Our order fulfilment software, StoreFeeder, allows you to view when your customer’s item has been picked and packed and even who processed the order, which ensures you have full visibility of your customer’s order process.

StoreFeeder, integrates with your website’s store and any marketplaces your business may sell on to seamlessly receive orders. All orders received that day before 2.30pm will be shipped out to your customers that day, Monday to Friday.


UK Fulfilment’s warehouse is laid out and organised to be as efficient as possible for picking and packing. To ensure every order is shipped as quickly as possible, inventory is held in picking storage locations, our software automatically calculating the most efficient route for the picker to pick the products. If your business’s products are barcoded, we can then scan them to further ensure that the correct product has been picked.


UK Fulfilment provide very competitive pick and pack rates and are vastly cheaper than Amazon’s pick and pack services and we are proud to say we operate with a 99.93% picking accuracy rate, which is higher than Amazon's FBA. 


If you want a quote for pick and pack warehousing and courier services for your business, then please fill out a form here.

We have been optimising our order fulfilment process for over 30 years

UK Fulfilment's Packaging Fulfilment Service

When it comes to packaging, the products transit packaging is completely customisable we are happy to provide quotes for packaging, or if you want to use your own that is something we can also cater for. Depending on the sizes and requirements of your products, we can offer a range of options with our packaging fulfilment service, from recycled to more secure to even bespoke packaging to mention a few.

Every product’s order slip and shipping label is customised with your business’s details or brand logo, to ensure your customers will never know that a third-party is handling your fulfilment.

If you would like to receive a free quote for eCommerce fulfilment for your business or enquire about our pick and pack fulfilment costs for your company, you can fill in an enquiry form here.

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