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Returns Management 

Why is Returns Management in eCommerce so important?

UK Fulfilment recognises that the returns process is a significant factor in the consumer’s eCommerce order process and is an important aspect in maintaining your brands and business’s reputation, as negative reviews can stem from a poorly handled returns management system.


That is why UK Fulfilment manage and handle your returns to create and offer a seamless customer experience for your product’s return management.

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How do UK Fulfilment manage your Business’s Product Returns?

UK Fulfilment’s product returns management software will aid in making your business’s eCommerce returns process as easy, seamless, and as quick as possible, as every eCommerce business must have a reverse supply chain to handle returns and exchanges in today’s world.


With UK Fulfilment’s eCommerce return management, you can completely customise the return process to suit your business. We can either offer the choice for your customer to pay the return postage fee or send them a free return postage label.


On the return of your product’s order, the item will be inspected for damage or defects, and if the item is in good order, it can be repackaged and returned to your stock to be re-ordered at a later date. If your product is damaged or marked, you can let us know of how to dispose of your product. Or if your customer is simply returning your product in order to exchange it for a different product or size, we can also handle this.

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