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5 Big E-Commerce Fulfilment Trends for 2022

Online retail sales have been growing year on year and yet again in 2021 the ecommerce sector grew 17.9%. The effect of the pandemic on contact restrictions and store closures has driven this trend even further and it is looking like it will continue in 2022. This has led to a huge impact on global logistics, which has led to growing demand for fulfilment providers as businesses need their rising volume of orders handled.


There is an ever-growing commitment from countries and companies all over the world to reduce greenhouse gases, cut the use of plastic and make an overall reduction pollution in order to maintain the environment of our planet. In coercion with this, customers and consumers are demanding products and options which are as sustainable as possible, such as plastic-free packages or products and CO2 neutral shipping. This environmental topic is becoming key living in the future and will play an ever-growing role in fulfilment services.

International Logistics

Another growing trend in fulfilment is globalisation and the internationalisation of ecommerce businesses’ orders. Today, no matter what size the ecommerce copmany, it is now worthwhile to tap into the larger global markets, in order to sell their products into new countries and continents. This has been made possible through online stores and marketplaces international solutions, along with globally operating fulfilment centres, like UK Fulfilment.

Real-Time Tracking

Today, customers are demanding more and more transparency when it comes to their online orders. The same is true for fulfilment customers who want real-time tracking and information on their orders allowing them greater insight into their warehouse’s operations in order to keep up to date and maintain a smooth operation. UK Fulfilment’s logistics and warehouse management software, StoreFeeder, allows you to view each order’s real-time status and current inventory levels.

Broadening Supplier Base

As the ecommerce sector grows, delivery and supplier problems have also become more frequent. This may be due to demand for certain products out-growing supply, problems stemming from the pandemic closures or even annual disruptions like Chinese New-Year which puts pressure on supply. This can lead to low inventory levels and translate to lost sales for online stores in products are not available, however this can be avoided by expanding and varying your businesses’ suppliers. This way your ecommerce business can be better protected against supplier and delivery failures. Fulfilment centres, like UK Fulfilment, can respond quickly to such circumstances if needed.


Another trend is the increasing use of branded style packaging and creative personalised additional content, which is an effective method to enhance your customer’s journey and overall shopping experience. These increase the customers view of a personal touch and help your ecommerce business stand out from the busy online crowd.

Get in Touch

If you need a fulfilment provider to assist with your ecommerce businesses’ orders, and help your business adapt to the upcoming trends in fulfilment, please reach out to UK Fulfilment, or fill in a free quote from here.



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