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UK Fulfilment & Disney +

UK Fulfilment was approached by Disney +’s marketing agency to handle, collate, package and dispatch their marketing materials for the launch of Disney + across Europe.

The job consisted of collating various promotional material from promotional literature through to branded merchandise all to support the launch into Europe of their new streaming channel. Large volumes of promotional material were collated & shipped out to a number of outlets in 11 countries across Europe. Each individual outlet had different and varied numbers of promotional items, which UK Fulfilment picked and collated. All the required customs documentation for each EU country was filled and we then arranged for the goods to be shipped to their relevant destinations.

As this job was for promotional materials for the launch of Disney + it was time sensitive and needed to be carried out quickly and accurately so that Disney’s marketing team’s marketing plan could be carried out seamlessly.

UK Fulfilment processed all of Disney +’s fulfilment needs, easily handled and carried out their operation and met all of their time deadlines for their launch. If your company are in need of fulfilment services from collation, stock rework and re-packaging, to picking and packing for customer or wholesale orders, then like Disney + reach out to or find out more information at


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