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What Should the Ideal Fulfilment Partner Offer?

Tailored & Personal Account Management

A bespoke and flexible fulfilment experience is often missed when using larger corporation for your ecommerce business’s fulfilment, such as Amazon’s FBA. A personable fulfilment service with flexibility of your operation is key to any ecommerce business, especially when there is no recipe for a one size fits all plan when it comes to ecommerce fulfilment. This flexibility can be driven by a personal account manager offering to assist you throughout the whole fulfilment process. It can not only help with the ease of fulfilment, but also open a number of new opportunities for your ecommerce business like new markets and territories. However you want to tailor your ecommerce fulfilment service, from the type of packaging or extra materials needed, to having a tailored shipping service, UK Fulfilment can assist you.

The Best in Class Automated Fulfilment Technology

When it comes to fulfilment it is a necessity that your ecommerce business utilises the best technology, as it can save vast amounts of wasted time through automation to improving overall transparency and accuracy on your business’s ecommerce orders.

UK Fulfilment’s fulfilment management software, StoreFeeder, provides your ecommerce business with complete customer order transparency, and allows you the ability to view stock levels, add new products to inventory and monitor your customers' orders from picking and packing at the warehouse all the way to your customers' door.

Leading Service Levels Without giving an excellent service level in picking and packing accuracy or shipment accuracy, although delivery this comes down to the courier, it is irrelevant of the two previous points. Having a happy customer is imperative in today’s ecommerce market, and delayed or missing packages sent to customers can result in bad reviews, which can lead to a reduction in repeat business, which ultimately leads to a drop in revenue. UK Fulfilment maintains a 99.9% picking accuracy through utilising product’s barcodes with a scanning system to ensure that the correct item is picked, which is better than Amazon’s FBA.

If you are looking for fulfilment or a 3PL service for your ecommerce business with a flexible personal touch at the most competitive prices, please get in touch with UK Fulfilment here.



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