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Choosing The Correct Fulfilment Centre For Your Cosmetics Company

With the global beauty, cosmetics and personal care market being worth over £500 billion in 2022, and only expected to grow, it remains one of the largest retail markets globally. Every year new beauty and cosmetics trends change and keep the market rife with products, and this coupled with an increasing emommerce market has allowed barriers of entry to drop for cosmetic entrepreneurs.

Although having an ecommerce business you may not need a brinks and mortar storefront, selling cosmetic products online does come with the need for order fulfilment. Many cosmetics companies choose to simplify their order fulfilment and save costs through utilising a fulfilment partner which can aid in streamlining their fulfilment process.

Fulfilling order in-house can take up valuable business time, that could be used to improve marketing strategies and help boost sales. Through partnering with a fulfilment centre, like UK Fulfilment, you can alleviate time spent on picking, packing, and fulfilling orders.

What to Look for in a Cosmetics Fulfilment Partner

2. Allows your Business to have Full Visibility of Inventory levels and Order Transparency

3. Fulfils and Dispatches Orders Quickly and Accurately

4. Have Positive Reviews and Experience with Other Cosmetics brands

Integrate Seamlessly with your Website and Marketplaces

If you are starting out or growing your ecommerce business you are likely to not only sell on your just your website, but a range of other marketplaces too, like Amazon, Ebay or Etsy, which only aid in maximising your sales of your ecommerce cosmetics brand or business. Fulfilment centres, like UK Fulfilment, can seamlessly and quickly integrate with all the main website hosting services like Shopify, Squarespace and Wix along with a large range of marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay and Etsy. UK Fulfilment’s best in class fulfilment software, StoreFeeder, will allow you and your cosmetic’s business to have full and live order transparency, giving you the visibility to see when each order has been picked, packed, and dispatched in real time. It also allows you to see your orders from your website and your marketplaces in one unified dashboard allowing a much more simplified process.

Allows your Business to have Full Visibility of Inventory levels and Order Transparency

When it comes to cosmetics product’s inventory, it is key that the management of the stock is handled correctly. If the cosmetic product is perishable and has a relatively short shelf life, such as organic or natural cosmetic products these need to be handled correctly, using last-in first-out methods to ensure no inventory goes wasted and out of date. Also, to ensure that no inventory goes to waste it is critical that you do not overstock and maintain a healthy stock level. To help your ecommerce business optimise their inventory levels you need a fulfilment partner, like UK Fulfilment, who’s warehouse management software will allow you to have full live transparency of your inventory levels, and you will be able to see when your orders are picked, packed and dispatched. It will allow you to see your sales channel and marketplace orders all on one dashboard and allow you to access all the reports your company would need, along with the option to get notifies when inventory levels are low to avoid stock outs. UK Fulfilment also has a flexible operation which will allow you to completely customise your operation and how you want you orders packed.

Fulfils and Dispatches Orders Quickly and Accurately

Today ecommerce customers now have a little tolerance for their orders arriving late and not correctly, and it is ever more pressing for ecommerce businesses to maintain a very efficient and effective fulfilment operation to avoid there customer being disappointed and leaving negative reviews which may have an impact on future sales. Your products and orders are your business, so you need a fulfilment partner who treats them as if they were their own, like UK Fulfilment, who have a 99.93% picking accuracy rate. Also, UK Fulfilment have a completely flexible operation which can be tailored to your company’s needs and you will be able to easily contact their personable team, who will help resolve any issue that may arise.

Have Positive Reviews and Experience with Other Cosmetics Brands

When choosing the correct fulfilment partner for your cosmetics business, the best way to check if your company would be a positive fit, would be to see if they have worked with other cosmetics brands, such as Elizabeth Arden, and Revlon who work with UK Fulfilment. Also, a simple key step when choosing the correct fulfilment partner is to check is to obviously check their Trustpilot reviews, UK Fulfilment is one of the highest reviewed fulfilment houses, with all clients rating their services 5 star, which you can see here:

To conclude, if you have done your research into which fulfilment centre to partner with, and they align with your cosmetics company and tick all the above points, along with having competitive prices. Then it will only help your business flourish and grow as you will alleviate a lot of time wasted on fulfilling your orders, which can be spent growing your business and ultimately your profits. If you would like a free quote then please get in touch with Uk Fulfilment for a free quote here .


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