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Omni-Channel Commerce: Why you Need a Variety of Platforms to Boost your Sales

With consumer purchasing behaviour shifting to be more online and web based, having sales channels both online and offline is essential and has become a more important process than ever. Retailers which haven’t been utilising eCommerce have missed out huge opportunity of an ever-growing online customer base.

What is Omni-Channel Commerce?

Omni-Channel commerce basically consist of selling your products or services through a variety of sales channels such as your website or online marketplace like Amazon, through social media, email, or mobile channels and even through normal shops and stores. Selling your products through multiple channels provides not only a fully integrated customer experience, but also many more options and opportunities to widen your customer base.

No matter if your customer is shopping online from their mobile, laptop or store the same customer experience will be provided through all channels.

Benefits of Omni-Channel Commerce

1. Increase Sales

The main benefit of selling through multiple channels is ultimately boosting your sales. When your products are accessible to your customers across a variety of sales channels, they are more likely to increase the amount they spend. Not only do 75% of buyers use multiple channels during their buying process, but also on average customers who use multiple channels will increase their basket size by 10% more than customers who just utilise a single channel.

2. Improve your data collection

Having multiple sales avenues will act as wider net to capture more of your customers’ data. This will allow your business to gain important and specific insights not only of your customer base as a whole, but also about your customer base on each sales channel. Obtaining your customer data not only makes it easier to personalise and improve the customer experience, but also opens up a huge opportunity to retarget your customers with your marketing materials to increase their engagement with your brand or business to ultimately boost your returning customers and increase sales.

3. Enhance your overall customer experience

In the shopping process, the customer experience is an extremely important factor. Making your buying process as seamless as possible both in-store and online are key to increasing your conversion rate. Creating a seamless buying process online is extremely important, and you want to minimise the amount of effort and steps taken to make a purchase.

4. Boost Customer Loyalty

Offering your customers access to your business through a variety of touch points and boosting your online presence through email campaigns or social media ads will vastly improve your business’s online visibility and lead to an increase in loyalty of your customer and overall increase the credibility to your brand.

Integrate your Order Fulfilment Process with all your sales channels

Integrating all your sales channels can help streamline your operation and allow it to be more efficient. Using a fulfilment company, like UK Fulfilment, you will be able to integrate all your sales channels to one place with their fulfilment software, meaning when you make a sale on any of your platforms it will instantly be picked up and accurately processed by the fulfilment centre and shipped straight to your customer. This will eliminate not only the hassle of fulfilling your own customer orders, but also sync your listings, inventory, stock and shipping all in one place across all platforms, effectively having one shop on the back end supplying a number a sales avenues.


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