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Why EU Retailers should use UK eCommerce Fulfilment for their Product's Orders

In today’s online world ever growing demand for choice and hunger for convenience has resulted in the huge growth of online shopping, and the decline of the retail high-street.

The UK has taken up online shopping more than any other nation in Europe, with 87% of the UK consumers utilising online channels to make purchases.

The Challenges of Shipping to the UK

It has never been easier to target global markets and sell your products worldwide. The development of eCommerce websites has made it easier than ever and straight forward to convert details, including currency and language, to suit your country of choice, but the challenge comes when fulfilling the orders.

In this growing competitive online market, online customerscan be easily swayed and deterred by high shipping costs and slow shipping times.

Also, higher shipping costs post Brexit ,have affected almost all eCommerce sellers who sell internationally from the EU into the UK and vis versa, and no European retailer wants to miss out on the number one online eCommerce market, the UK.

When shipping from mainland Europe or internationally into the UK, it can be costly and also there is a risk that packages may get held up at customs. However, these issues of high postage costs and elongated shipping times can easily be diminished if you decide to fulfil your product’s eCommerce orders with a UK fulfilment centre, like UK Fulfilment.

Benefits of using a UK eCommerce Fulfilment Centre

We all know processing your orders and returns from the UK is a time-consuming process, and if you would rather focus your attention on growing your sales and entering emerging markets, fulfilling your orders in the market your targeting can benefit your business. Using a fulfilment partner in the UK, like UK Fulfilment, can help streamline your order processing and help simplify the process. This can be done firstly through benefitting from the latest software, like UK Fulfilment’s StoreFeeder. StoreFeeder can integrate with your sales channels, such as your website or leading marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Magento including various others, and gives you full visibility of your listings, orders, inventory, stock, and shipping all in one place.

  • By shipping your stock and products in bulk to a UK warehouse will vastly reduce your postal costs, through benefitting from economies of scale, rather than sending individual orders out internationally.

  • Your UK customers will be more confidant in seeing a UK shipping address and, if required, returns address, which will result in a higher sales conversion rate.

  • UK Fulfilment have established a vast variety of delivery options to provide both competitive rates and flexibility.

  • Returns handling can be completely customisable to how your business sees fit, and handled by UK Fulfilment, to iron out the time taken on returns for your business.

  • Having a dedicated customer service team in the UK to handle any queries or issues your customers may have, rather than having to deal with customer questions internationally can allow you to have a much sturdier UK presence and results in issues being fixed and handled a lot faster.

  • We also have partners who can help set up your business with a UK VAT number, so that you are able to sell in the UK.

If you are looking for a fulfilment partner in the UK to handle your business’s eCommerce orders, contact UK Fulfilment for a free quote here. UK Fulfilment is centrally based in the Nottingham in the UK, close to main transport links like the M1, A1 and East Midlands Airport (the UK’s largest dedicated air cargo operation with hubs for DHL, UPS, FedEx & Royal Mail) .


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