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UK eCommerce Solutions for US & EU Companies

Fulfilling and dispatching your orders from the US or EU, individually, to UK addresses is not most economical way to serve your eCommerce business’s UK market as well as giving your orders elongated delivery times due to international shipment.

A solution to save your eCommerce business on delivery costs, along with shortening delivery times would be to have your UK orders fulfilled and dispatched from the UK by a fulfilment centre, such as UK Fulfilment.

UK Fulfilment can aid in making your international fulfilment easy through storing your stock, picking, packing your orders, and shipping them to the UK market. This will relieve your business of the stresses of fulfilling international orders, along with reducing the complications which can come with them and allow more time to grow your sales.

UK Fulfilment have the systems in place to fully manage your orders, whilst giving your business full transparency of every order, allowing you to see when the order has been picked, packed, and dispatched.

If you are a US or EU eCommerce Business Selling Into the UK market

In today’s world of ever improving technology and globalisation, cross-border consumer eCommerce purchasing seems to be ever increasing. Around 60% of online shoppers are open to making online cross-border purchases and the cross-border eCommerce market is now worth trillions. At the end of the day if you own an eCommerce business and are considering selling to international buyers, it shouldn’t be a matter of if, it should be a matter of when you open your business to international markets, such as the UK. The most common start to selling your eCommerce products internationally is through handling your own business’s fulfilment and shipping in-house, however this can be both costly for both your business and the paying customer, as well as leading to long delivery times and a more unreliable international postal service. If you wanted to optimise your international sales in the UK, you may consider outsourcing your international fulfilment and logistics services to the UK to gain both financial and time saving benefits. Utilising a fulfilment partner in the UK like, UK Fulfilment, can help you fulfil the UK market’s orders with ease, whilst saving you costs financially and cut delivery times, which are benefits you will be able to pass onto your customers, which will make your products and business even more competitive in their market.

Why Outsource Your Fulfilment to UK Fulfilment for your UK market

If you are currently fulfilling your UK orders in-house from the EU or US, outsourcing your fulfilment to the UK will allow your eCommerce business to enable a much more seamless process and extend your product’s reach to the UK market. If your business currently produces and stores your supply in the EU or US, it may be unnerving as a business owner to alleviate control of your fulfilment to a UK fulfilment centre but converting to outsourcing will only improve the process of your fulfilment, through allowing your order delivery to arrive with customer with greater ease and improved times, which improves efficiency overall. This not only broadens the range and market of your brand and business, but also will improve your brand reputation and customer satisfaction.

How Does Outsourcing Your Fulfilment to the UK?

If you are considering partnering with a fulfilment centre in the UK, like UK Fulfilment, the first thing your eCommerce business will need to do to start selling your products in the UK will be to acquire a UK VAT number, which is required if you are a seller outside of the UK to sell to a UK buyer. Once your company has acquired a VAT number, the next step will be to ship your inventory and stock over to your chosen fulfilment partner. You will have to source a courier to ship over your stock, and chose if you would like them to handle your brokerage costs and customs fees. When your eCommerce business’s stock has arrived at the fulfilment house, it will be counted and stored orderly in the fulfilment centre’s warehouse ready for local delivery carriers, such as Royal Mail, to deliver your products to your customers in the UK, which will benefit from lower delivery costs.

Issues with International Shipping

Shipping and fulfilling your products internationally usually creates additional difficulties in a variety of avenues in anything from tracking to insurance to customs and duties to shipping costs. Outsourcing the shipping and fulfilment eradicates these issues, as problems with domestic shipping a vastly smaller than shipping internationally. Meeting Your Customer’s Delivery Expectations

If your eCommerce business is shipping its orders from the EU or US to the UK, it may be difficult to meet the delivery-time expectations if your UK customers, which are becoming increasingly shorter, as nowadays everybody wants everything now. Whilst it still may be possible to ship your order quickly internationally, it is difficult to do this cost-effectively.

The obvious solution is to outsource your fulfilment to a centre in the UK which has a warehouse and the facilities to handle your orders in the UK. This in the end will enable your business to not only benefit financially, but also vastly shorten delivery times and improve efficiency overall.

Keeping Delivery Costs Low

Fulfilment companies will always assist and advise you on keeping shipping costs as low as possible. Utilising a localised warehouse and bulk shipping your stock over to a fulfilment partner in the UK, will vastly reduce your overall shipping costs. Having lower shipment costs for your eCommerce business is beneficial to your customers too, as you are able to charge a much-reduced shipping fee. This makes your product more attractive to the customer and will lead to increased sales, as it entices customers to buy from your eCommerce store over an international competitor, who will have increased delivery charges. To conclude, when making the decision to outsource your fulfilment for the UK market there come with very little downsides. If your product is proven to sell in the market, there is no doubt it will only boost your sales, whilst not only reducing costs to you but also your customers. Not only does it reduce your international order stress, minimising faulty and problematic deliveries, it also vastly reduces delivery times leaving your customers with much improved customer experience and leaving them more satisfied with the process overall. Ultimately improving the reach, the of your eCommerce store as well as increasing your business’s sales. If you are an EU or US eCommerce brand or business, looking for a fulfilment partner in the UK, to help reduce your costs in the UK market, you can obtain a free quote here, from UK Fulfilment, who offers one of the most completive rates for fulfilment in the UK and have worked with global brands like Revlon, Stella Artois and Boots.

Grow your eCommerce brand in the UK with UK Fulfilment

UK Fulfilment Integrations

UK Fulfilment’s software StoreFeeder integrates with all the main eCommerce sales channels like Shopify and Wix as well as marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and WooCommerce. Allowing your eCommerce business to integrate quickly and seamlessly, whether you use one channel or have use multiple channels allowing you to get up and running and selling quickly.

Transparent Pricing & No Upfront Fees

With UK Fulfilment you get fully transparent pricing and a Pay-As-You-Go model which allows you to only pay for what you use. There are no costs associated with set-up, integration, or account management. Along with the above, UK Fulfilment offer one of the most competitive fulfilment rates in the market.

You will also have dedicated customer service, which aids you in looking after your products, replying to queries and helping with returns, allowing your business to get a fully personalised service.

UK Fulfilment Network

Centrally located fulfilment centre in Nottingham allowing fast a reliable shipments all over the UK. Along with being close to East Midlands Airports, allowing US business’s to not only ship there items with ease to the UK market but also vastly reducing the stress, costs and times for them to ship into EU countries

Rated “Excellent” on Trustpilot

UK Fulfilment’s reviews on Trust Pilot remain one of the most highly rated fulfilment centres in the UK.


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