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What is an IOSS number & Why an eCommerce Business Should Get One

IOSS stands for Import One-Stop Shop, and it is a system implemented by the European Union (EU) to simplify and streamline the collection, declaration, and payment of Value Added Tax (VAT) on goods imported into the EU by businesses from outside the EU. The IOSS is particularly relevant for eCommerce companies that sell goods to consumers (B2C) in EU member states, and since Brexit this has become an important factor for UK based eCommerce businesses selling into the EU.


Why should an eCommerce Business consider getting an IOSS registration?


VAT Compliance

The IOSS allows businesses to comply with VAT regulations in a more straightforward manner. It simplifies the process of collecting and remitting VAT on goods sold to customers in the EU.


Customer Experience

With IOSS, the VAT is collected at the point of sale, meaning that customers won't face unexpected charges or delays at the time of delivery. This can lead to a better overall customer experience and reduce the likelihood of abandoned carts or customer dissatisfaction.


Faster Customs Clearance

Goods shipped under the IOSS are subject to a simplified customs process, which can result in faster clearance times and quicker delivery to customers.


Competitive Advantage

Offering a smooth and transparent purchasing process, with no surprises in terms of additional charges, can give an eCommerce company a competitive advantage in the EU market.


Legal Compliance

It helps businesses comply with the VAT rules and regulations in the EU, reducing the risk of legal issues and penalties related to non-compliance.


Reduced Administrative Burden

The IOSS simplifies the VAT reporting process for businesses by allowing them to submit a single quarterly return covering all their EU sales, rather than having to register for VAT in each individual EU member state.


To benefit from the IOSS, eCommerce businesses need to register for an IOSS number and ensure that their systems are set up to collect and remit the appropriate VAT at the time of sale. It's essential to stay informed about any updates or changes to IOSS regulations to maintain compliance.

How to obtain an IOSS number in UK

1.Register for VAT

If you eCommerce business is not already registered for VAT in the UK, this must be the first step your eCommerce company should take in being able to obtain an IOSS number.

2.IOSS Registration

Register for the IOSS with the tax authorities in the UK. In the UK, the HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is the relevant authority.

3.Online Registration:

The IOSS registration process is typically done online. Visit the official HMRC website or the relevant portal to complete the registration.

4.Provide Required Information:

During the registration process, you'll need to provide details about your business, including your VAT registration details, business address, and other relevant information.

5.Verification Process:

The tax authorities may conduct a verification process to ensure that your business meets the requirements for IOSS registration.

6.Issuance of IOSS Number

Upon successful registration and verification, you should be issued an IOSS number. This number will be used when declaring and paying VAT on eligible goods sold to customers in the EU.


Once you have the IOSS number, ensure that you comply with the regulations and obligations associated with the IOSS scheme. This includes accurately reporting and paying VAT on relevant transactions.

8.Use IOSS Number for Declarations

When selling goods to customers in the EU, use your IOSS number for VAT declarations to benefit from the simplified process.

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