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5 Common Mistakes eCommerce Business’s Make when Packaging their Products

1. Packaging which takes a long time to assemble

Using packaging which takes a long time to assemble. You may not think this would impact your business, but over time packaging that is lengthy in assembly time can add up. If you use a fulfilment provider lengthy packaging times may result in higher costs for your business.

2. Expensive Packaging:

Using quality and branded packaging can have its benefits as it brings an extra element of quality to your product, however this ‘added value’ diminishes after a certain point and the extra cost of the ‘quality packaging’ will eat into your margins. As a business you should be looking for the ideal ‘sweet spot’ between quality and price.

3. Packaging which is too large:

Using packaging which is too large is a common mistake, unneeded larger packaging means higher delivery and courier costs, resulting in a higher total delivery cost bringing your profit margin down.

4. Packaging which is too small:

Using packaging which is too fragile, or the wrong fit can result in your product becoming damaged or broken during the courier’s handling. To minimise damage in transit, use the correct sized packaging to protect your product through the carrier’s system.

5. Using the Wrong Carrier:

The wrong choice of carrier can result in your package not arriving in-time or you might be paying too much for additional courier services that you don’t truly need like package tracking or signature upon receipt.

There are many factors to consider making sure your product arrives with your customer on time and in one piece, from choosing the correct courier to the variety of packaging options, at UK Fulfilment we can assist you in choosing the right courier partner for you and offer our expertise in packaging options.

If your business is in search of an eCommerce fulfilment partner, UK Fulfilment can assist you in your needs, find out more here:


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