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5 Benefits of Outsourcing your eCommerce Orders to a Fulfilment Company

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

What is an Outsourced Order Fulfilment Service?

Outsourcing your order fulfilment to a third-party fulfilment provider allows your business to both store your stock along with the ability of them fulfilling your product's order on your behalf. It can eradicate your business's time spent on managing your warehouse, picking and packing your orders and handling the shipment of your products.

Fulfilment providers usually charge a flat monthly storage fee, determined by the number of pallets or bins your have at their facility. A fulfilment provider like UK Fulfilment, allows you to have a Pay as You Go pricing model which means you only pay for the orders that are processed and the storage you use.

Using a fulfilment provider can also help your business through enabling you to offer multiple carrier options to your customers both domestically and internationally. Fulfilment providers also benefit from reduced shipping rates , as with volumes come efficiencies which means competitive shipping costs for your products.

The main services in fulfilment consist of:

  • Receiving and the storage of your stock

  • Tracking your inventory levels

  • Picking & Packing of your orders

  • Shipping of your orders and coordinating with couriers

  • Rework services

Fulfilment providers such as UK Fulfilment allows you to sync your stock to multiple sales channels, such as Amazon, eBay and Shopify, allowing your products to have a maximum sales exposure. This gives you complete visibility of your orders and stock information, with low stock notifications.

"We have worked with UK Fulfilment now for over 10 years. We have always found them to be professional and friendly but most importantly they deliver a fantastic service." - Slick Willies

Benefits of Outsourcing your eCommerce Orders

1. Focus on Growing your business

Fulfilling your product orders is a costly time process, and a large portion of your businesses time gets taken picking and packing product orders both accurately and on-time, along with handling your backend logistics . As businesses grow and orders rise, it can reduce time spent on growing your own business and more importantly increasing sales. Outsourcing your order fulfilment to a third-party fulfilment provider can eradicate time spent on managing your warehouse, picking and packing orders and handling the shipping and logistics of your products. Allowing you to scale your business and access new markets with ease using a fulfilment provider range of courier partners.

2. Utilise better technology

Managing your sales platforms and inventory is time consuming and can result in errors which in the long-run can be costly. When outsourcing your fulfilment to a specialist provider like UK Fulfilment, you can benefit from their multi-channel eCommerce and inventory management software, which can take care of your listings, orders, inventory, stock, shipping and more.

3. Reduce your product's shipping costs

In a time where the 'free shipping' is so important to the customer, eCommerce businesses need to keep shipping costs low to remain competitive, and higher shipping costs can begin to eat into your margins By using a a trusted fulfilment partner, such as UK Fulfilment, you can benefit from lower shipping costs, as bulk delivery discounts mean your products will get sent out at a reduced rate.

4. Benefit from a Fulfilment providers expertise

Outsourcing your product fulfilment to a specialised provider allows you to benefit from their expertise. Fulfilment providers like UK Fulfilment can not only help in fulfilling your orders quickly and accurately, they can also improve your customer service, by offering customer support, helping process returns, and exchanges in order to provide efficient customer service, which in todays world is a key aspect of any eCommerce business. Offloading your fulfilment to a provider will also allow your business to manage seasonal and sales fluctuations better so that your business runs more smoothly.

5. Avoid set costs & long term leasing agreements

Keeping your order fulfilment in-house means you may have to commit to long-term financial commitments like warehouses to store your stock, which aren't flexible short-term.

With fulfilment providers like UK Fulfilment you can remain flexible in both your storage and your length of use, allowing you to be completely flexible with your business and giving you the ability to scale your business with ease.


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